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2022 Parkinsonism & Related Disorders
Physical activity and exercise outcomes in Huntington's disease (PACE-HD): results of a 12-month trial-within-cohort feasibility study of a physical activity intervention in people with Huntington's disease.
Quinn L, Playle R, Drew CJG, Taiyari K, Williams-Thomas R, Muratori LM, Hamana K, Griffin BA, Kelson M, Schubert R, Friel C, Morgan-Jones P, Rosser A, Busse M

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While physical activity (PA) is recognized as important in Huntington's disease (HD) disease management, there has been no long-term evaluation undertaken. We aimed to evaluate the feasibility of a nested (within cohort) randomized controlled trial (RCT) of a physical therapist-led PA intervention.Participants were recruited from six HD specialist centers participating in the Enroll-HD cohort study in Germany, Spain and U.S. Assessments were completed at baseline and 12 months and linked to Enroll-HD cohort data. Participants at three sites (cohort) received no contact between baseline and 12 month assessments. Participants at three additional sites (RCT) were randomized to PA intervention or control group. The intervention consisted of 18 sessions delivered over 12 months; control group participants received no intervention, however both groups completed monthly exercise/falls diaries and 6-month assessments.GOV: NCT03344601.Predefined progression criteria indicating feasibility were met. PACE-HD lays the groundwork for a future, fully-powered within cohort trial, but approaches to ensure data completeness must be considered.
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