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The main research areas focus on the use of neuroimaging techniques, both structural and functional, in major psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We also have an important line of research focused on the study of genetic factors in these disorders. We also carry out clinical trials, both pharmacological and other therapeutic strategies in major psychiatric illnesses.

Structural and functional neuroimaging 

To understand the biological bases of schizophrenia and affective disorders: Use of advanced structural neuroimaging methods and development of innovative functional paradigms to discover their origins and how they give rise to their symptoms. 

Applied neuroimaging

Within the field of personalized medicine, we have several projects on the usefulness of machine learning machines for diagnosis using MRI images. 


Methodological development 

Creation and implementation of new MRI analysis methods of analysis. Development of statistical methods to characterize the functional connectivity of the brain. Biophysical models are formulated to quantify the microstructure of the brain tissue using diffusion MRI and Multi-Eco T2 data.


Analysis of the implication of genetic factors in the etiology of psychiatric disorders, as well as the relationship of molecular variability with neurobiological, cognitive and clinical phenotypes. We work on the development of association studies based on candidate genes as well as approximations at the complete genome level.


Clinical trials

Evaluation of the efficacy of new pharmacological treatments and other therapies. Examples are the use of stimulation or psychosocial interactions in the health and family environment.

Development and / or validation of scales and instruments 

Work is carried out to have better instruments that allow a better evaluation of the symptoms of mental illness and to characterize and study them in the most appropriate way.


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