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The results of our research projects are reflected in the contribution of new knowledge available to all scientific and healthcare community

Scientific output


One of the main objectives of the FIDMAG is to contribute to scientific research that promotes a valuable contribution to people. Quality research is prioritized, ensuring that our scientific contributions are of the highest level, and which will improve the life of the patients, their families and the society.

Some indicators, such as the annual Impact Factor (IF) IF and the comultative IF, allow us to evaluate this objective. FIDMAG maintains a high annual Impact Factor (IF) IF and a high comultative IF in its publications. In the same way, our researchers perform a high percentage of publications in top journals in their area of expertise, such as articles published in the first decile journals (within the span of the 10% best) and in the first quartile (span of the 25% best).

On the other hand, our contributions have a high scientific impact. Our most cited articles in the last years are:

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