Research lines

FIDMAG's main lines of research focus on the use of neuroimaging techniques, both structural and functional, in severe psychiatric disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We also have an important line aimed at the study of genetic factors in the aforementioned disorders. In addition, we carry out clinical trials, both pharmacological and other therapeutic strategies in severe mental disorders.

Neuroimaging of mental disorders

Study of the cerebral correlates of different mental disorders and their most relevant symptoms, at an anatomical and functional level, through the use of advanced magnetic resonance techniques that include the analysis of alterations in cortical morphology, white matter integrity and functionality both at rest and during task performance.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Computational techniques and developments in artificial intelligence (AI) have a notable impact on biomedical research and are expected to significantly transform daily clinical practice through personalized medicine in the future.


Genetics and neurobiology of psychiatric disorders

The integration of genetic and genomic data with different neurobiological and clinical markers represents one of the main challenges for the advancement of knowledge of the causes of psychiatric disorders.


Participation in research consortia / Big data

During these last years, new technologies and processing of large amounts of information (big data) have been incorporated into biomedicine, which are managing to answer questions of great medical relevance.


Clinical and care studies

This area of research aims to evaluate aspects of the condition and care of patients and their relatives, as well as health professionals. It has an eminently practical interest.


Development and/or validation of scales and instruments

Having appropriate and approved scales and other assessment instruments is essential for daily clinical practice and the conduct of research studies.


Clinical trials

They are the mechanism to appropriately determine the safety and effectiveness of new therapeutic approaches.


Neuropathology studies

This area of research seeks to establish whether there is evidence of neuropathologies associated with dementia, specifically with newly discovered dementias in schizophrenia.

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